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2nd Grade Team



The Second Grade teachers

Mrs. Castro               Mrs. Maida

Ms. Puskar          Mrs. Quincy

Homework journals are an important method of communication between the home and school.  Students utilize this tool in order to record nightly homework.  Check it every day.

Homework is assigned for a 20 minute period Monday through Thursday.

Themed book reports are assigned during the first week of each month, to be completed within the last week of each month.

Please remember to correspond to your child in their "Letter's Home" folder.

Your child will go outside every day, weather permitting.  As the days grow colder, please make sure your child has a hat, gloves and a warm jacket or coat.

Reading is an important lifetime skill.  Please be sure to read aloud with your child each night.


Teach Me

Don't tell me that I can't, or I won't.  Always tell me to try, and I will.

Teach me to smile when I am sad.  Teach me to talk when I am mad.

Teach me to soar and teach me to fly.  Answer my questions when I ask why.

Teach me that failures are successes not tried.  Teach me to open my arms up wide.

Teach me to love and to laugh and to live.  Teach me to work and to share and to give.

Teach me so that I become all I can be.  Then stand back and be proud of me.


-author unknown